Turning off Google personalization for sign-out searches

Google has decided to make all search personalised. That means that wether or not you're logged in to your Google account you might be seeing different search results to others.
So when you check your site's SERPs rankings what you see is not showing you how great your SEO is ... unless you turn off personalization.
'Signed out personalization' works by dropping a cookie on to your computer and tracking your searches.
Here's how to turn off personalized search for 'signed out searches':

  • Make a search.
  • Click 'Web History' on the top right of the SERP.
  • Click 'Disable customizations'.
  • er, that's it.

To reset personalized search for 'signed out searches' clear your cookies.
If you turn off personalized sign-out search and then clear your cookies, you'll need turn it off again.
To turn off personalized search for 'signed in searches':

  • Go to your Google account home page.
  • Click 'Web History'.
  • Delete 'Web History'

The specific actions above will be different for different users as Google accounts are in a state of change.
The big story here is that:
* Google SERPs results just go less useful than they were
* If you want users to return to your site then it's more important than ever to give them what they want.
The big question is: just how personalized will SERPs be? The best work I've seen on this says 'not very much and not enough to concern SEOs'. But this issue is well worth watching closely.