5-stage process for SEO

Here is a unique, tested and proven 5-stage process for successful SEO:

1. Keyword research to SEO strategy
Target the [keyword niches] (groups of keywords not single keywords) your site gets the best response rates for. You can't find those keyword niches manually - you need software like the [SEO Strategizer].

2. Content
Most keyword niches are big - with at least thousands of different keywords. To digg into the long tail, you need to lots of relevant content. Build each niche's content around subject home pages - category pages - the new centre of attention because [the story is dead].

3. Structure & Navigation
All that content needs to be organized in a user and search engine friendly way and the flow of link power controlled with optimized navigation.

4. Link building
Each keyword niche needs its own link building campaign, preferable led by a spectacular link building idea and passionate [social media marketing].

5. Metrics
Measure niche level metrics - especially response - and go back to stage 1 with the data.